IEEE Global Communications Conference
8–12 December 2024 // Cape Town, South Africa


List of Workshops

WS-01: Workshop on NextG (6G and Beyond) Wireless Security (IEEE NextG-WeSec)
WS-02: Workshop on Propagation Channel Models and Evaluation Methodologies for 6G
WS-03: Workshop on Emerging Topics in 6G Communications
WS-04: Workshop on Information Security in Space-Aerial-Terrestrial Integrated Networks
WS-05: Workshop on Open Research Infrastructures and Toolkits for 6G (OpenRIT6G)
WS-06: Workshop on Channel Coding Beyond 5G
WS-07: Workshop on Intelligent and Reconfigurable Antennas for Future Wireless Communication and Sensing
WS-08: Workshop on Next Generation Intelligent Wireless Emergency Communications
WS-09: Workshop on Enabling Security, Trust, and Privacy in 6G Wireless Systems
WS-10: Workshop on Integrated Sensing and Communications for Edge Intelligence
WS-11: Workshop on Ubiquitous Intelligence-at-the-Edge for Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks (BRAIN)
WS-12: Workshop on From Bits to Semantics: Data Factorization, Encoding, Transmission, and Privacy Protection
WS-13: Workshop on Space Computing Power Networks
WS-14: Workshop on Sustainable and Intelligent Green Internet of Things for 6G and Beyond (6GSIoT)
WS-15: Workshop on Intellicise (Intelligent-concise) Network: Model-driven Learning and Communication Co-design
WS-16: Workshop on Emerging Metaverse and 6G Massive/Immersive Communications (6G Metaverse)
WS-17: Workshop on Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Wireless Security
WS-18: Workshop on Mobile Network Enabled Synergies of Communication, Sensing and Computing Toward 6G
WS-19: Workshop on the Impact of Multi-modal Large Language Models on 6G and Beyond
WS-20: Workshop on Optical Wireless Communications: Energy Efficiency, Resilience, and Pervasive Coverage
WS-21: Workshop on BlockSecSDN: Blockchain for Secure Software-defined Networking in Smart Communities
WS-22: Workshop on Generative Horizons: Exploring Goals through Semantic Communication
WS-23: Workshop on Testbeds as a Service for Future Networks: Challenges & State of the Art
WS-24: Workshop on Positioning and Sensing Over Wireless Networks
WS-25: Workshop on Building/Developing Smart, Sustainable, Scalable Cities through Edge-to-Cloud (3SCity-E2C)
WS-26: Workshop on Next-Gen Healthcare Fusion (NgHF): AI-driven Secure Integrated Networks for Healthcare IoT Systems
WS-27: Workshop on Ubiquitous Network Intelligence for Next Generation Wireless Networks
WS-28: Workshop on Digital Twins over NextG Wireless Networks
WS-29: Workshop on 6G Architecture (6GArch)

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