IEEE Global Communications Conference
8–12 December 2024 // Cape Town, South Africa

Industry Forums and Exhibition Committee

IF&E Chairs

Marius Mostert (MCORP Communications, South Africa)
Sun Sumei (A *STAR, Singapore)

Industry Presentation co-chairs

Ashutosh Dutta (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Ling Cheng (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)

Industry Panels co-chairs

Fawzi Behmann (Telnet Management Consulting, USA)
Lian Zhao (Ryerson University, Canada)

Industry Executive Forum co-chairs

Andre Hoffman (MyTechie, South Africa)
Chonggang Wang (lnterdigital Comms, USA)
Sudhir Dixit (Basic Internet Foundation, USA)

Industry Exhibition co-chairs

Daniel Smith (MTN, South Africa)

Industry Demo & Pitches co-chairs

Yang Yang (ShanghaiTech University, China)
Leenta Grobler (NWU Business School, South Africa)

Patronage co-chairs

Rulei Ting (AT&T Labs, USA)
Minx Avrabos (SAIEE, South Africa)